Documentation suggestions

A.M. Kuchling amk at
Tue Dec 6 19:45:14 CET 2005

On 6 Dec 2005 10:10:09 -0800, 
	Ian Bicking <ianb at> wrote:
> stable personal pages that should be linked in .  But I do think that
> we should encourage some specific process for new or revised
> tutorial/howto contributions, like encouraging people put such material
> in the wiki.  

To this end, I've moved the howtos off their separate SourceForge
project, and into Doc/howto in Python SVN.  The sorting howto seemed
small enough and incomplete enough that it would be better as a wiki.
There's another small one, doanddont.tex, that might also be good as a
wiki page.  I'm currently not planning to convert any of the larger
documents, such as the curses or regex ones, to wiki format.


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