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> Go to
> The lead sentence says:
> Contributors and potential contributors should read Documenting Python,
> which describes in details the conventions and markup used in creating
> and maintaining the Python documentation. The CVS trunk version is the
> recommended version for contributors, regardless of which Python branch
> is being modified.
> The link takes you straight to a primer on LaTex.
> Did I miss something?
The "Documenting Python" link takes you to a page that starts like this
- NB. the last sentence of the abstract:

Documenting Python

Fred L. Drake, Jr.

Email: fdrake at

Release 2.5a0
August 9, 2005


The Python language has a substantial body of documentation, much of
it contributed by various authors. The markup used for the Python
documentation is based on LaTeX and requires a significant set of
macros written specifically for documenting Python. This document
describes the macros introduced to support Python documentation and
how they should be used to support a wide range of output formats.

This document describes the document classes and special markup used
in the Python documentation. Authors may use this guide, in
conjunction with the template files provided with the distribution, to
create or maintain whole documents or sections.

If you're interested in contributing to Python's documentation,
there's no need to learn LaTeX if you're not so inclined; plain text
contributions are more than welcome as well.

nick  (nicholas dot dokos at hp dot com)

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