Tabs bad (Was: ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!)

Peter Decker pydecker at
Sun Dec 4 20:02:25 CET 2005

On 12/4/05, Lee Harr <lee at> wrote:

> Everyone agrees that mixing is bad. I might even go so far as to
> say that the only real problem is mixing. The question is, if we
> are trying to pick only one, which one causes fewer problems.
> For me, it is spaces.

Why is it that the only people who complain about this issue, and who
act all religious and self-righteous about it, are the ones who prefer

I never cared one way or the other; I just used spaces because it
seemed that everyone else did. I recently switched to tabs because I'm
working a lot in Dabo, and they use tabs as their standard. But I must
say that listening to the space-zealots here has turned me off to
their arguments. My rule-of-thumb is that people only resort to such
zealotry when they have nothing better to offer. I've *never* seen any
of the problems they cite, and I hate to say how long I've been


# p.d.

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