My Python Website

Josef Meile jmeile at
Mon Dec 5 10:52:00 CET 2005

Hi Tuvas,

> Just made a simple Python Website, I'm working on expanding it, it's at
> . Will have more one
> day...
A couple of suggestions:

1) Why don't you just include the source of the python code directly
instead of a zip file? I saw they are really small functions, so, why
to force the user to download them? I personally preffer to see them
online and there if they are useful to me, I just press the "Save As"
option of my browser. They would be even easier to catalog by google.
I also think that a zip is only needed when the code is really big or
consist of several files.

2) Some comments, ie: docstrings, in the code would be good. It is truth
that you already mentioned the purpose in the index of your website, but
if someone donwloads your code for later inspection, then he/she could
forget from where he/she downloaded the code and what the code does.
Including some docstrings in the code, will also make easier to find the
code through google.


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