New Python ISAPI extension for IIS (PyISAPIe)

Phillip Sitbon phillip.sitbon at
Wed Dec 21 00:39:45 CET 2005

Hey everybody,

I just released v0.1.1 of my Python ISAPI extension, which is currently
in its beta stages. I'd love to have some of you look at it and see if
it works well for you. It's very slimmed-down, and definitely simple
compared to the more popular option(s), but my hope is that there is a
big performance win. Eventually, I'd like to have a few more tools for
it in order to expand its capabilities. In the meantime, see if it
works well for you, and don't hesitate to ask questions since the
documentation is not thorough (although it should be enough to get you

I'm not going to report any of the benchmarks I have done yet since
they aren't rigorous enough... but I will say that this extension has
proven to be extremely fast for me. I hope you have the same



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