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paulo.jpinto at paulo.jpinto at
Fri Dec 2 20:15:36 CET 2005

You're not alone.
The first thing I do after installing an IDE or programmers editor is
to change the configuration to use spaces as identantion.

I still don't get why there is still people using real tabs as


Dave Hansen wrote:
> On 2 Dec 2005 10:08:21 -0800 in comp.lang.python, JohnBMudd at
> wrote:
>  ... (cutted)
> Of these, only (2) is valid.  And the only reason it's valid is that
> Python recognizes the TAB character as valid indentation.  TAB
> characters are evil.  They should be banned from Python source code.
> The interpreter should stop translation of code and throw an exception
> when one is encountered.  Seriously.  At least, I'm serious when I say
> that.  I've never seen TAB characters solve more problems than they
> cause in any application.
> But I suspect I'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness.  Regards,
>                                         -=Dave
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> Change is inevitable, progress is not.

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