show in GUI stdout of a command

Ian Parker parker at
Sun Dec 25 10:47:27 CET 2005

In message <43a6fa19$0$288$636a55ce at>, twigster 
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>I need to display in real time the output of a command line tool in a 
>GUI written so far with Tkinter and Pmw. I've got a command line tool 
>that I want to integrate to a GUI. The parameters are set using the GUI 
>and a button executes the command. The calc is long so I need to see 
>how fast it goes. This is given by the stdout...
>any idea how to do this?

Full of Christmas spirit, I'll suggest a look at
I find it a few days ago when I was hunting for a way to "print" to the 
tkinter window rather than stdout.

Ian Parker

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