ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!

Zeljko Vrba mo.dor at
Sun Dec 11 12:44:30 CET 2005

On 2005-12-11, Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:
> I don't suppose there's any good reason, then, why (for example) 
> outlining tools use indentation to indicate different levels of 
> significance.
Nobody bothers to figure out something better? Now you will argue that then
the indendation is good enough.. and I can just reply that then it's an
open research question..

A philisophical note:

An obvious defficieny of the current way we write code now is its inherent
tree-structure resulting from {}, indentation, begin/end markers or whatnot.
But the flow of code is often not a tree but a cycle.. Yet we are always
dealing with a tree-like representation of the code on screen.

This note also applies to your remark about outlining tools.

> I'm sorry you find the indentation unnatural and inconvenient, but you 
> may have to accept that for this feature you are actually in a minority.
I have no problem accepting that I'm in a minority. I have a problem with
offensive people using my example arguments to riducule me.. While they
even don't want to open their minds and accept that there might be a
remote possibility that indentation is not ideal.

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