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David Van Mosselbeen davidDOTvanDOTmosselbeen at telenet.be
Wed Dec 7 06:57:19 CET 2005

Falc wrote:

> Hi there...
> I have been looking at learning Python, so far it looks like an
> absolutely grat language. I am having trouble finding some free
> resources to learn Python from. I am on windows and the only experience
> I have with programming is with PHP.
> I have been trying to look at the free online book "Dive Into Python"
> but this is far too difficult for me as it explains it in caparison
> with C++ or Java.
> I like the book called "A Byte Of Python"
> (http://www.byteofpython.info) but it's made for version 2.3 (Would
> this matter anyway?).
> So if you have any books you could reccomend me that would rock, I
> can't really afford a book so if online that would be excellent.
> Thanks in Advance.

There are some cool stuff at "ActiveState". Try "ActivePython" ;-). After
installing you have not only 'Python' but also some good documentations and
also some extra modules like 'win32' (or some else, i can't remember) to
access Wintedo specific things. Stuff not to pay, it's not like the Komodo
and Visual Python...  these last two products looks be good, i must look
for a suchs GNU/Linux version...

Open you're eyes on the follow link ;-)
I also recommend the website mentioned and this project.

On the botton of the page look for the free books and ... Pay attention on
this page !

Stuff that must by pay.
O'Reilly have some good books about Python (and more) here a little list
that im surrely recomends. I like the books of O'Reilly because it's easy
to read, the used english language are clear and funny to read. The content
are right, just some time it's refer/recommends to other books. But finally
when you have some (good!!!)books its easyer. At first when beginning with
Python i have encounter some troubles to find the right book on my level.
In the begin i have read some books not specially here in the list and some
other here of the list but in another order and founds the level to high
because i have no programming background (or recive some courses). I have
interesting in programming, it's a little begin. My recommended list of
books and direction to read :

1) Learning Python
2) programming Python
3) Python Pocket Reference
4) Python in a Nuteshell
5) Python Essential Reference
6) Python Cookbook

Try the first, second, third, ...
If you like it, buy the book, so you contribute for next devloppments of his
books ...

Other great books but not from O'Reilly
Think like a computer scientiste
For Dummies Beginning Programming (with Liberty Basic and not her to be in
subject but i like these ;-))

Sorry for the bad English, i try to help ...
David Van Mosselbeen - Debian Sarge user
davidDOTvanDOTmosselbeen at telenet.be

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