BayPIGgies: December 8, 7:30pm (IronPort)

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Mon Dec 5 15:10:18 CET 2005

The next meeting of BayPIGgies will be Thurs, December 8 at 7:30pm at

JJ will demonstrate GCipher, a simple application that shows how to
combine Glade/PyGTK, the async module, and a plugin architecture.

BayPIGgies meetings alternate between IronPort (San Bruno, California)
and Google (Mountain View, California).  For more information and
directions, see

Before the meeting, we sometimes meet at 6pm for dinner.  Discussion of
dinner plans is handled on the BayPIGgies mailing list.  

Advance notice:  We need speakers for January and later.  Please send
e-mail to baypiggies at if you want to suggest an agenda (or
volunteer to give a presentation).
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