Bitching about the documentation...

Neil Schemenauer nas at
Thu Dec 8 19:03:24 CET 2005

François Pinard <pinard at> wrote:
>> You may suggest that I should process my e-mail more promptly.
> No, I'm not suggesting you how to work, no more that I would accept that 
> you force me into working your way.  If any of us wants to force the 
> other to speak through robots, that one is not far from unspeakable...
>> This is why things need to go into public trackers, or wiki pages.
> Whatever means the maintainer wants to fill his preservation needs, he 
> is free to use them.  The problem arises when the maintainer wants 
> imposing his own work methods on others.  Let contributors be merely
> contributors, and learn how to recognise contributions as such and say 
> thank you, instead of trying to turn contributors into maintainers.

Either I don't understand what you are saying or you are being a
hypocrite.  Andrew is saying that he doesn't have time to detail
with all the messages that get sent to him personally.  What do you
propose he should do?  I think people expect more that a message
saying "Thanks for you contribution.  PS: Since I don't have time to
do anything with it, your message will now be discarded.".


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