Alex Martelli aleax at
Sat Dec 24 17:06:33 CET 2005

James Tanis <jtanis at> wrote:
> syntax. Honestly I wonder how so many coders actually came to be
> interested in the field -- one that pretty much thrives in part on its
> neverending ability to vary, grow, and change -- if something so small
> can warrant so much attention.

An obsession with details can be a good thing in, as you put it, "a
coder" -- the grand vision may matter, but the details always do (if you
don't get every detail right, the program won't run correctly).  So, I
am not surprised if many people predisposed to devoting lot of attention
to small details get attracted to programming (and, more generally,
engineering and even science), in preference to other careers...


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