Joe jkrahn at
Fri Dec 23 19:01:37 CET 2005

Is Python going to support s syntax the does not use it's infamous
whitespace rules? I recall reading that Python might include such a
feature. Or, maybe just a brace-to-indentation preprocessor would be

Many people think Python's syntax makes sense. There are strong
feelings both ways. It must depend on a person's way of thinking,
because I find it very confusing, even after using with Python for some
time, and trying to believe the advice that I would learn to like it.
The most annoying thing is that multiple dedents are very unreadable. I
still don't understand how anybody can think significant-but-invisible
dedentation is a good thing.

Note: No need to follow up with long opinions of why indentation is
good -- they have been posted hundreds of times. It just seems that
Python developers think the whitespace thing is only an issue for
newbies. I think that many experienced users don't learn to like it,
but instead just learn to live with it.

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