PythonWin troubleshooting

chuck cmedcoff at
Tue Dec 13 23:27:48 CET 2005

chuck wrote:
> Sticking with 2.4.2 I reverted to win32 ext 204 and problems were the
> same or worse.  Then I uninstalled both, removed the dangling py*24.dll
> and then installed "ActivePython".  All the problems went
> away.
> I hate to go back to 2.3 cause there are some nice updates in the 2.4
> library that I'd like to have.  Time permitting I'll try other versions
> of various windows distributions and let you know the outcome.  I'd be
> interested in hearing more from other folks who may or may not be
> experiencing similar problems.

After some use the problems have re-appeared with the "ActivePython" distro.  I think the problem is related to some sort of
shell hook as it goofs up not only PythonWin, but other windows
applications and windows itself.  Can't get the context menu to work in
explorer, the task manager from the task bar, etc.  Something is really
goofed up!  The problem only appears when PythonWin is running or was
running and is hung in memory from a non-clean PythonWin shutdown.

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