Guido working on Pypy?

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On 29 Dec 2005 04:12:53 -0800, Luis M. González <luismgz at> wrote:
|> According to this blog entry, it says that Guido has been hired by
|> Google to work on Pypy:
|> Is there anyone who can confirm this information?
|> Luis

|Or deny it:

Well, apparently Guido himself did take the time to deny the claims 
regarding PyPy made in this article. (see 
the section lower on the page).

For those unfamiliar with Dutch, his reaction translates into English as 

"This is largely nonsense -- I indeed work for Google but I am not involved 
in PyPy, and the same applies to Google. In addition, PyPy is not being 
developed "on behalf of the EU" but is subsidized by the EU. See for more info on PyPy."


Vincent Wehren

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