PythonMagick on Windows

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Dec 5 22:51:32 CET 2005

Adam Endicott wrote:
> Claudio Grondi wrote:
>>Why is PIL *(Python Image Library) not suitable to do the graphics?
> I am using PIL for some other things, but what I need ImageMagick for
> is to convert a PDF into a series of jpegs (one per page). Its the only
> tool I've found to do this at a good enough resolution.

FWIW: I tried PythonMagick for a while, but soon found that large or 
complex images caused it to consume excessive memory and sometimes 
crash, taking my application with it.  I switched to the command line 
interface to isolate my application from problems in 
Graphics/ImageMagick.  Everything ended up much more robust that way, 
and the time cost is small--it's on the order of milliseconds.


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