Which Python web framework is most like Ruby on Rails?

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Tue Dec 20 16:06:55 CET 2005

"Paul Boddie" <paul at boddie.org.uk> writes:
> Paul Rubin wrote:
>> It's been a long-time source of puzzlement to me why so many web sites
>> are so slow, and RDBMS overhead is an obvious candidate.  So the rant
>> seems appropriate even in the case of web apps where clients can cause
>> db updates.
> Indeed. Large portions of a lot of Web sites could actually be deployed
> statically, rather than hitting a database several times a page to
> retrieve stuff which changes once in a blue moon. Moreover, static page
> hosting is generally a lot cheaper than dynamic program hosting.

And with the proper technology, you can get the best of both
worlds. You build the site as dynamically genrated, then "compile" it
to get the static pages you actually serve. That way you get all the
benefits you listed of serving static pages, plus the ability to use a
database and all it's associated tools for maintaining your data (if
you consider that an advantage, anyway).


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