OO in Python? ^^

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Dec 11 15:26:34 CET 2005

Matthias Kaeppler wrote:

> I really see issues with this, can anyone comment on this who has been
> working with Python more than just a day (like me)?

Maybe you should work with Python more than one day before you
start looking for potential problems? ;-)

(I suggest reimplementing some portion of some C++ program you've
worked on recently, to get a feel for the language.)

For any potential problem you can think of, you'll find people here
who've never ever had any problems with it, and you'll find people
who think that this specific problem is what prevents Python from
going "mainstream" (and who love when someone else seems to
support their view, whether they really do it or not).

FWIW, having worked full time in and on Python for over 10 years, I
can assure you that I don't have a problem with:

    - mistyped variable names
    - indentation ("SUCKS BIG TIME")
    - how to handle import statements
    - finding things in the library reference
    - the blue color on python.org
    - the size of the python DLL on windows
    - tabs vs. spaces
    - unnecessary colons
    - lambdas being removed in python 3.0
    - lambdas not being removed in python 3.0
    - limited support for GIF animation in PIL
    - the noise level on comp.lang.python
    - the global interpreter lock
    - the unsuitability of notepad as a programmer editor
    - the number of web frameworks available

or any of the other "major" problems that you'll hear about on c.l.python
from time to time.  But that's me.  Your milage may vary.  The only way
to find out is to use the language.  Write code, not usenet posts.


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