thakadu thakadu at
Sat Dec 24 00:31:55 CET 2005

I consider myself a fairly experienced Python coder and although I am
not "uncomfortable" with significant whitespace there are a few places
where I do find it annoying and I wouldnt mind an alternate block
delimitation syntax.  I would prefer something like the ruby "end"
though rather than '{' and '}'. The place I find it annoying is in
pasting snippets of code from say web pages. I very often google for a
piece of code and then paste it into my editor and almost always the
pasted piece of code has different indentation and causes a compiler
error. Sometimes in vim "100==" fixes it but very often not. It would
be nice if you could use an "end" delimiter for quick experimentation
with code and then later on go and remove the "end" and fix the

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