Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Dec 2)

Tony Meyer t-meyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 5 08:09:49 CET 2005

>> It's "site:", but even if you just left that out and used
>> 'wiki.python.org sorting "how to"', the first link is the one you're
>> after.  Laziness is no excuse.
> You miss my point.  Having outdated documentaion distributed
> with Python is the problem.  Have some newer stuff out on some
> wiki is nice but does not fix the problem.  I know people don't like
> writing and updating docs.  But that doesn't turn bad documentation
> in good.
>>> Wikis suck.  Update the damn docs.
>> The documentation *has* been updated.  If you read the Python 2.5
>> documentation (build it, or wait for Python 2.5 to be released),
>> you'll see that it points to the Wiki.

You're complaining about something that has been fixed.  The  
documentation was out of date, and that has been corrected.   If you  
really must complain about something (in the interests of a foolish  
'balance'), then pick something that hasn't been fixed.

Note that having the core information in the documentation and  
additional information like "how-to"s in a wiki means that keeping it  
up-to-date isn't tied to a release.


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