Is there an equivalent to Java Webstart in Python?

David Wahler dwahler at
Mon Dec 5 15:50:33 CET 2005

Nic Bar wrote:
> The problem with Jython is that I can only live inside the aplet
> virtual machine,
> I need a full features application with access to the local computer
> resources.
> Regarding IronPyhton, there is no released version yet.
> I am looking for something that can be used now and plataform
> independent (assuming the correct version of python is already
> installed on the local computer)

All JWS does is download a few jar files and run them locally. I would
think it would be pretty easy to write a simple script that would take
an application from a zip file, expand it to a temporary directory and
run it with Python. Then all you have to do is give the zip files a
custom extension (maybe .par, for Python archive?) and associate that
extension with your script on the users' machines. But if you're asking
if something like this is included with Python out of the box, then the
answer is not as far as I know, sorry.

-- David

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