nanothreads: Want to use them from within wxPython app

simonwittber at simonwittber at
Mon Dec 12 08:16:11 CET 2005

F. GEIGER wrote:
> I've def'ed a handler for EVT_IDLE in the app's main frame. There I'd like
> to call the nanothreads' __iter__ method, somehow.
> When I copy the __iter__ method into a, say, runOnce() method and call the
> next() method of the generator returned by runOnce(), it works. But I can't
> get at the __iter__ method, which is already there and therefore should be
> used instead of messing up nanothreads with changes of mine.
> Any hint welcome

The latest version of nanothreads is now in the fibranet package, which
you can download from the cheeseshop:

To iterate nanothreads from wx, I call the nanothreads.poll() function
from the EVT_IDLE handler, making sure that I call event.RequestMore()
from within the handler, to iterate nanothreads as fast as possible.

HTH, Simon WIttber.

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