ActivePython and Amara

Steve Holden steve at
Tue Dec 13 09:48:19 CET 2005

Jay wrote:
> Woah woah woah, calm your ass down a little.
> I didn't say that the "hijacker" made it go off topic. Did I? I just
> said that the thread was going off topic from the dam title. We
> weren't
> talking about XML no more now were we. And who the hell are you talking
> to thinking that I haven't researched my ass off up till 4AM in the
> dam
> morning looking for an explanation on Google, friends and other
> resources... Also,
>>If you had ANY understanding of Python,
> you would have realized this. <
> So now your saying I don't know any
> python when I have read about a shitload of tutorials... So, I think
> first of all, you got some damn attitude, second of all, I never asked
> anyone to debug my program all I freaking asked for was help trying to
> get a module onto activepython which, I would love for you to Google
> "activepython and amara" not many relevant results. Third of all, I
> don't appreciate you saying that I don't know python when I have
> worked
> my ass off learning it!
> Now, with that out of the way. Stay the hell of my thread cuz you have
> some damn attitude problem and I don't need your rants about my
> questions.
> "Sometimes you really need to slow down and learn something before you
> can continue with what you want to do."
> ^^^^^^^^^^Take your post, and shove it up your ass.
> -Jay
For your enlightenment, comp.lang.python is probaly one of the 
best-mannered technical newgroups around, and your attitude clearly 
shows you are even more ignorant of Usenet than you are of Python. This 
isn't "your" thread, this is a thread you started.

And stopped, too, by the look of it. Your behaviour really is obnoxious. 
"BYE" indeed. A very eloquent demonstration of how to make sure you get 
absolutely no help at all.

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