Documentation suggestions

Iain King iainking at
Wed Dec 7 13:58:28 CET 2005

skip at wrote:
> >> The library reference has so many modules that the table of contents
>     >> is very large.  Again, not really a problem that we can fix;
>     >> splitting it up into separate manuals doesn't seem like it would
>     >> help.
>     Iain> I like the Global Module Index in general - it allows quick access
>     Iain> to exactly what I want.  I would like a minor change to it though
>     Iain> - stop words starting with a given letter rolling over to another
>     Iain> column (for example, os.path is at the foot of one column, while
>     Iain> ossaudiodev is at the head of the next), and provide links to each
>     Iain> initial letter at the top of the page.
> I know it's not what you asked for, but give
> a try.  See if by dynamically migrating the most frequently requested
> modules to the front of the section it becomes more manageable.
> Skip

Well, the point of the GMI is to lookup whatever module you are
currently having to use for the first time (at least it is for me).
Giving easy access to the modules I've already had to look up (because
they are common) doesn't really help - I've already accessed those.
It'll be nice when I have to find some obscure feature I haven't used
in them before, but really, all I'd like is an easy to use index :)


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