How can I load python script into Html ??

Roger Upole rupole at
Fri Dec 16 22:06:13 CET 2005

Using the normail src attribute works for me:

<SCRIPT Language="Python" src="somescript.pys"></script>

Did you register the Python script engine with or ?


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"PatPoul" <patpoul23 at> wrote in message news:1134562826.378663.234100 at
> Sorry I was not clear, my setup is functionnal with Pywin32.
> Python 2.4 + pywin32
> and actually, I can do this kind of script on client side :
> <HTML>
> <SCRIPT Language="Python">
> alert('test')
> </HTML>
> but I want to include external python script with the HTML tag <SCRIPT>

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