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Paul Rubin <> wrote:

> Glade also does something like that.

Indeed. I'd also add some lines on this.

There is a very nice designer for GTK+ applications called Gazpacho,
written in python and available here:

It generates an XML file in the same Glade format (actually it's
slightly different for the Menus). It doesn't require libglade though
because it has its own .glade loader and thanks to this at load time it
can bind events using method names in your 'controller' class (which
inherits from gazpacho's Proxy class.

This means that, if you are using python, you don't even have to define
the actions and action handlers in the designer.

for example:

class LogsterClient(Proxy):
    def on_connect__clicked(self, button):

    def on_logster__destroy(self, window):

p = Proxy('')

And it also provide an easy and flexible way to integrate additional
custom widgets in the design process.

Of course it's always possible to build powerful GUIs without using
designers at all: 

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