ANN: Dao Language v.0.9.6-beta is release!

Tim Roberts timr at
Tue Dec 6 08:33:27 CET 2005

Christopher Subich <csubich.spam.block at> wrote:

>JohnBMudd at wrote:
>>>From "The Design of Everyday Things", docs are a sign of poor design.
>> Even a single word, such as the word "Push" on the face of a door, is
>> an indication that the design can be improved.  Please, rethink the
>> design instead of trying to compensate with more documentation.  
>This quote, with a naive reading, would seem to imply that "needing 
>documentation is evidence of bad design."  I think we can all agree that 
>this interpretation is ludicrous: the only programming language, for 
>example, which does not need documentation is the natural language, and 
>that contains so many ambiguities that humans often get instructions wrong.

My high school sophomore would strongly disagree with your assertion that
natural language does not need documentation...

Both "The Design of Everyday Things" and "The Psychology of Everyday
Things" are fascinating books that should be mandatory reading for all
engineering students.
- Tim Roberts, timr at
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

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