List text files showing LFs and expanded tabs (was: Colorize expanded tabs)

gene tani gene.tani at
Mon Dec 12 17:46:23 CET 2005

qwweeeit wrote:
> Hi all,
> in a previous post I asked help for colorizing expanded tab.
> I wanted to list text files showing in colors LFs and the expanded
> tabs.
> I hoped to use only bash but, being impossible, I reverted to Python.
> I programmed a very short script .
> Here it is (... and I ask comments or critics):
> # for Linux users
> # starting from a list of all the lines of a text files (lFileList)
> nNP=9       # n. of Not Printables characters
> for line in lFileList:
>     nTab= line.count('\t')
>     if nTab > 0:
>          for i in range(nTab):
>              nPosTab=line.find('\t')
>              line=line.replace('\t',"\033[41m"+\
>                   (8-(nPosTab-(nNP*i))%8)*' '+"\033[0m",1)
>     print line.replace('\n',"\033[7m \033[0m\n"),
> print
> The Linux users can also use piping.
> For example:
>     python|grep range
> correctly displays:
>           for i in range(nTab):
> + the mark of the LF (a small white rectangle)
> Bye.

?? Whatever editor you use for python should do this: (vim, komodo,
textmate)show and convert hard tabs to soft, show CR-LF, etc.

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