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Tue Dec 6 03:47:23 CET 2005

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> Let me repeat this for the umpteenth time: You do not have to learn 
> LaTeX to contribute to docs.  Submit plain text.  One of us with some 
> LaTeX knowledge will do the markup.  Content is the hard part.  Markup 
> is nothing, so don't let it be a barrier for you.

More than LaTeX, the main frozener is when people in charge tell you to 
use bug trackers to speak to them.

This is like standing up with someone, having a conversation, and your 
partner suddenly tells you: "If you want to speak to me, please study 
this form, carefully read the small print, fill it properly and send the 
yellow copy at this address."  Surprised, you ask: "Why should I do 
that?", and he replies: "I might forget our conversation if you don't 
fill a form for me."  Even more suprіsed, you say:  "Gosh, can't you 
manage your own notes yourself, as you see them fit?  Most grown up 
people are able to take care of themselves, you know."  "I just do not 
like filling these forms!  Besides, _my_ time is quite precious."

Astonished, you just cannot believe what you hear.  Life is so short, 
you think, why one would ought to stand with such guys?  As the room is 
full of other interesting people, you happily move on towards them.

François Pinard

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