Python is incredible!

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Mon Dec 12 15:57:52 EST 2005

"Tolga" wrote:

> Let's suppose that I actually want to leave Lisp totally but what about
> AI sources? Most of them are based on Lisp. Oh yes, yes, I know, one
> may study AI with any language, even with BASIC, but nearly all
> important AI books start with a short Lisp intro. They say that "you do
> not have to use Lisp, you can use another language with this book".
> Ohmigod, does somebody explain me how can this be possible? You're
> trying to learn something you don't know, and you will try to read some
> important examples written in a language you don't know. This is so
> weird!

on the other hand,

    "Python seems to be easier to read than Lisp for someone with no
    experience in either language. The Python code I developed looks
    much more like the (independently developed) pseudo-code in the
    book than does the Lisp code. This is important, because some
    students were complaining that they had a hard time seeing how
    the pseudo-code in the book mapped into the online Lisp code
    (even though it seemed obvious to Lisp programmers)."


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