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Richie Hindle richie at
Tue Dec 20 12:46:43 CET 2005

> The page doesn't work for me in MSIE (I am on a Windows system)

> Yeah, I know. I poked at it briefly, but couldn't figure out what was
> goiing on. MSIE on the Mac doesn't work at all (no AJAT), and I don't
> have regular access to a Windows box to try it on.

I think it's your JavaScript '\r' processing that's broken.  Certainly the
error ("unexpected EOF while parsing") is consistent with having a \r on the
end of the expression.  Won't this:

    if (input.length == 1)

always fail in the case where the user has typed a newline?  I'd ditch that
code and do it at the server end:

    expr = expr[4:].strip()

Richie Hindle
richie at

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