Vector math library

Bas wegwerp at
Sat Dec 31 15:02:06 CET 2005

I am not a regular user of the libraries that you mention, but I played
around with some of them because I need a replacement for Matlab.

Numeric, NumArray and SciPy should be more or less compatible. All the
functions you mention should be in there, or otherwise should be
trivial to implement. Have a look at the functions cross(), dot(),
inner(), outer(). Addition is just a+b.

As far as I know Numeric was the original vector lib. NumArray was
written as a successor but ended up as a fork due to some speed
concerns. Scipy is the latest and tries to unite the previous two by
implementing the best of both worlds. For future work you should stick
to SciPy. Right now it is probably somewhere in a beta stage, but
expect a final version in half a year or so. Hopefully it ends up being
THE vector lib for python to avoid confusing beginners like you.


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