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Greg Chapman glc at
Fri Dec 16 23:56:14 CET 2005

On 13 Dec 2005 14:27:48 -0800, "chuck" <cmedcoff at> wrote:

>After some use the problems have re-appeared with the "ActivePython
>" distro.  I think the problem is related to some sort of
>shell hook as it goofs up not only PythonWin, but other windows
>applications and windows itself.  Can't get the context menu to work in
>explorer, the task manager from the task bar, etc.  Something is really
>goofed up!  The problem only appears when PythonWin is running or was
>running and is hung in memory from a non-clean PythonWin shutdown.

This sounds like you may have a corrupted registry.  See this bug
report for a description:

There was a fix added for this in one of the recent builds, and I
haven't run into it lately, but it appears from one follow-up in the
above that the problem can still occur.  Anyway, to get rid of the
symptoms you need to clean up the "HKCU\Software\Python2.4\Python for
Win32" key by getting rid of all the extra toolbar keys (or if you
don't have any customizations, you can just delete the above key, and
PythonWin will recreate it the next time it is run).  I guess there is
no guarantee that you will not run into this again, but, as I said, I
have not seen it recur with the latest builds of PythonWin.

Greg Chapman

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