Wingide is a beautiful application

James fphsml at
Sat Dec 17 21:28:25 CET 2005

>> I haven't used an IDE in a long time but gave wing ide a try because
>> I wanted the same development platform on Linux and Windows.

>> I'm currently using Ultraedit and it works fine but needed something
>> more portable as I'm moving my main platform over to Ubuntu. I first
>> tried jedit and was reasonably happy with it but it felt slow and it
>> did not have a native look and feel to it. It was really hard on the
>> eyes.

Then you owe it to yourself to also try SPE, PyDev and Boa Constructor
(got off to a slow start, but it looks promising now). All are free,
open source, cross platform, native look and feel and support more or
less the features you list.

>> Does anyone know what gui toolkit wingide uses? it really is one of the
>> best applications I've seen for some time and it's a great way to
>> support python.


Two minor peeves about WingIDE.
1.) Not native look and feel.
2.) Auto List members implementation is great. But what about call
tips? Just as important and every other Python IDE has it.

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