General question about Python design goals

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Thu Dec 1 23:00:51 CET 2005

Donn Cave wrote:

>  Paul Rubin wrote:
> > There's a historical issue too: when tuples started first being
> > used this way in Python, classes had not yet been introduced.
> When was that, old-timer?  According to Misc/HISTORY,
> Python was first posted to alt.sources at version 0.9.0,
> February 1991.  It doesn't say 0.9.0 had classes, but
> at 0.9.3 we see refinements like __dict__, and it's hard
> to imagine that classes themselves snuck in without notice
> in the interim.
> If you got a copy of some older version than this, you
> have some interesting historical perspectives there, but
> not much of a historical issue, I'd say, without much
> going on in the way of a user community.

fwiw, the tuple and class implementation were both checked into
CVS in october 1990.

maybe he's talking about ABC ? (where, judging from the language
reference, had lists, compounds, and tables which worked pretty
much like Python's lists, tuples, and dictionaries).


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