Use python to test Java and Windows (dll) applciations

Cameron Laird claird at
Mon Dec 5 17:08:04 CET 2005

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jb <jsbraich at> wrote:
>Hello everybody:
>I need help, and please let me know if python is the language of choice
>to implement following functionalities:
>I am trying to test a Java application and a C++ (win32) application.
>I want to be able to write python code to mimic user interaction with
>the application.  Interaction could be mouse or keyboard
>movement/events using which I want to be able to select Menus and
>execute them. Please let me know if this is feasible using Python, if
>yes, please refer me to a good resource.
Yes and no.

To think of Python in this context is a healthy instinct.

The whole category of "mimic user interaction" is deeply
problematic, though.  The simple-minded Python-oriented answer
to give is, "use Pamie or Watsup".  You might do best, though,
to start by reading <URL: >.

To pursue this further, we'd need to explore what exactly
"Java" and "C++" mean in your situation.

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