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Steve Holden steve at
Mon Dec 5 17:24:42 CET 2005

JohnBMudd at wrote:
>> even a single character (like an opening or closing bracket or a semicolon) is an indication that the design can be improved.
> Close, there are two principles for good design: Afford proper use and
> Don't afford improper use.  I could argue that not having to type extra
> characters falls into the first category and so is part of why Python
> is a better design.  Not having to type extra characters makes it
> easier (affords me) to enter source code in the first place and there's
> less to maintain in the long run.  That's probably why nobody in the
> thread, including myself, has advocated "*require* the brackets".
> But, like a lot of "solutions", in solving one problem Python has
> created another one.  Many people, for whatever reasons, feel that the
> solution (scope by indent) prevents them from using the tool.  Hence
> Python has not really made it easier to type and maintain source code
> for the general audience, it's has only polarized the audience.  There
> are many people who would say it definitely does NOT afford proper use.
> Python is the superior design, today.  But, like Betamax tape format,
> Python isn't mainstream yet.  And, sadly, maybe it never will be.  I
> want that changed.  I want Python to take over the world so I don't
> have to beg my next boss to let me use it.  And if adding an optional
> "dumbed-down" format will help then that might be an improvement in the
> big picture.  
But you don't want it to be Python, is all.

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