Merging Subway and TurboGears

Jan Niklas Fingerle usenet-2004 at
Mon Dec 26 01:17:39 CET 2005

Jan Niklas Fingerle <usenet-2004 at> wrote:
> > the templating language (Cheetah vs Kid). Those will be points of
> (as far as "depend" might go) the Kid funtionality (i.e. importing
> ElementTree-s as sub-trees, and ElementTree is part of the heart of my
> application logics).

If I might add: ElementTree will be part of python 2.5. That's a big
reason to let people import subtrees into the xml template as
ElementTrees. Thus using Kid you can use the standard lib for these
taskts, which would be a big point in favour of Kid.

Anyway, this...

> Well, no, make it easy to change templating engines,
> whatever you ship as included engine. 

... still holds.

  --Jan Niklas

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