writing IM bots

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at o2.usun.pl
Tue Dec 13 20:21:28 CET 2005

David Wahler napisał(a):

>>I am trying to write an IM Bot, which automatically replies to a
>>message, in Python.
>>I was wondering If there are python modules for connecting to Yahoo!,
>>msn networks ...
>>ideally I would like to have a multithreaded module.
> I have found that the best solution is to use the Jabber protocol via
> xmpppy (http://xmpppy.sourceforge.net/). It's very easy to use; once
> you have it working with Jabber, you can use a Jabber to Yahoo/MSN/AIM
> gateway to access all the different networks without writing code for
> each one.

Don't use this library, avoid it if you can. It is not actively
maintained and has numerous bugs. Guys from Gajim team can tell you
that. Patches are not even reviewed.

Use pyxmpp (http://pyxmpp.jabberstudio.org/) -- author is JSF member and
knows XMPP like noone.

Jarek Zgoda

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