python without OO

Davor davorss at
Tue Jan 25 18:01:23 EST 2005


I do not hate OO - I just do not need it for the project size I'm
dealing with - and the project will eventually become open-source and
have additional developers - so I would prefer that we all stick to
"simple procedural" stuff rather than having to deal with a developer
that will be convincing me that his 50 layers inheritance hierarchy is
good since it exists in some weird pattern that he saw somewhere on
some Java design patterns discussion board :-) and other "proper" OO
design issues...  Once I opted for C++ in a very small project and
believed everyone will stick with C subset + better type checking
offered through C++ - but I simply could not manage to keep them off
using OO stuff which was just making program more complicated than it
should have been. (note, I am not an experienced developer, nor the
others I'll be working with (even though some think they are:-)), so I
prefer preemptively dealing with issue of everyone showing off their OO
design skills)


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