java 5 could like python?

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Thu Jan 13 01:50:18 EST 2005

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> I was a java developer one year ago ,before i moved to python i realy
> it at the beggining, but i got very disapointed lately since my
> previus two python proyects where relatively big,and python didnt feel
> well suited for the task.
> The reasons are mainly due to the standard library,the language
> performance was aceptable, but the library, in my opinion has several
> issues:
> -No naming convention. The speech of "it fits in my head" is no longer
> when i use a lot of functionality,modules,classes in a large proyect.
> For example if i remember a function i want ie:get attribute, i dont
> remember if the module implementer coded it as
> getAttribute,GetAttribute,get_attribute, then i have to go and check the
> doc, every time,which is a waste of time.

Too many getters indicate bad design. But, ok, that's not the point here.
I ask myself all the time, how people can dev software in *any* language w/o
an IDE offering Intellisense (besides a decent clas browser, of course). You
simply type "myObj.get" and the IDE looks the proper names up for you. Then
you choose the right one and you are done with. WingIDE is such an IDE, and
Kommodo too, I think.


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