Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?

Francis Girard francis.girard at
Tue Jan 25 16:11:41 EST 2005


I'm really not sure but there might be some way to embed Java Script within 
Jython. Or to run Jython from inside Java much like the jEdit editor. You 
then have Python to make some glue code between the C++ core and the Java 
Script. Java Script must be secure since it runs in browsers everywhere from 
my worst sex web sites !

I'm not really sure why the original poster want to use Python, I think it's 
to make the glue between C++ and the scripting engine. Nor am I really sure 
why java runs inside my browser ...

Francis Girard

Le mardi 25 Janvier 2005 18:08, Cameron Laird a écrit :
> In article <1106624803.825442.73870 at>,
> Carl Banks <invalidemail at> wrote:
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> >> Python, or Perl, or TCL, or Ruby, or PHP,
> >
> >Not PHP.  PHP is one of the better (meaning less terrible) examples of
> >what happens when you do this sort of thing, which is not saying a lot.
> >PHP was originally not much more than a template engine with some
> >crude operations and decision-making ability.  Only its restricted
> >problem domain has saved it from the junkheap where it belongs.
> >
> >TCL isn't that great in this regard, either, as it makes a lot of
> >common operations that ought to be very simple terribly unweildy.
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> I've lost track of the antecedent by the time of our arrival at
> "this regard".  I want to make it clear that, while Tcl certainly
> is different from C and its imitators, and, in particular, insists
> that arithmetic be expressed more verbosely than in most languages,
> the cause is quite distinct from the imperfections perceived in
> PHP.  PHP is certainly an instance of "scope creep" in its semantics.
> Tcl was designed from the beginning, though, and has budged little in
> over a decade in its fundamentals; Tcl simply doesn't bother to "make
> a lot of common operations ..." concise.

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