Installing IPython on win2k

Dave Merrill dmerrillq at usaq.netq
Sat Jan 8 15:56:21 EST 2005

Fernando replied to a similar post of mine on the IPython list, and had a
suggestion that for some unknown reason, worked. Or rather, what's unknown
is why normal setup failed.

For the benefit of anyone else who has this issue, I unzipped the files into

  C:\Program Files\ipython-0.6.6

...then opened a DOS window, and did the following two cmds:

  cd C:\Program Files\ipython-0.6.6
  "C:\Program Files\Python23\python.exe" install

Tons of DOS cmds spat out, the shortcut was created, and launching it
brought up the config wizard, then ipython.

I'd really love it if ipython could be invoked in the current debugger
context in PyDev under Eclipse. Is there any way to do that?

Thanks again,

Dave Merrill

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