Alternative Ways to install Python 2.4?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Jan 24 00:29:55 CET 2005

Michael Goettsche wrote:
> I convinced my CS teacher to use Python in school. We currently have 2.2 
> installed on a Windows 2000 Terminal server. I asked the system administrator 
> to upgrade to Python 2.4, but he didn't succeed in doing it. He used the 
> microsoft installer package, which according to him crashed when starting. 
> So my question is if there's an alternative way to install it(must be easy). 
> Would it be an option to remove 2.2 first and then try to install 2.4 again?

That would be an option, but I doubt it helps. Please have a look at

Most likely, you need to upgrade Visual Basic on that machine.

Of course, without a precise error description, it is hard to tell.


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