Python 2.4 on Windows XP

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 5 15:05:27 EST 2005

DavidHolt wrote:
> I have a problem that I see on two different machines, one running XP
> SP1 and one XP SP 2.

Works fine here.  (First time I've run it though... don't use it.)

> On both I installed Python 2.4.
> I can't seem to start IDLE. When I try to start it, I get an hourglass
> cursor for a short time then nothing more happens. This happens whether
> I click the IDLE shortcut or click the pythonw.exe directly, or attempt
> to launch pythonw from a command line.

Try python.exe instead of pythonw.exe, also from the command line.
That should give you *some* kind of additional detail.

> I don't have any trouble running the python command line version.

Do you mean "python.exe" here?  Are you saying that you
can run IDLE using python.exe, but not using pythonw.exe?
Or something else?  It's not clear.


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