ConfigParser - add a stop sentinel?

rzed jello at
Wed Jan 12 16:48:58 CET 2005

I am working with PythonCard in one of my apps. For its purposes, it 
uses an .ini file that is passed to ConfigParser. For my app, I also 
need configuration information, but for various reasons, I'd rather 
use a syntax that ConfigParser can't handle.

I know I can maintain two separate configuration files, and if I have 
to I will, but I'd rather avoid that, if possible, and a solution 
that suits my purposes is quite straightforward. I insert a sentinel 
in the ini file and modify my local ConfigParser's _read method to 
stop accepting input when it encounters that value. I handle my app's 
portion of the configuration myself.

This all works fine, but I was wondering whether it might be 
worthwhile to add a standard stop flag in ConfigParser itself. Am I 
the only one with this sort of use case? If there were a standard way 
of doing this, I'd much rather use that, particularly if I ever have 
reason to distribute the app elsewhere.

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