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Alex Martelli wrote:

> Michael Tobis <mt at> wrote:
>>Let me add that I remain unconvinced that a language cannot combine the
>>best features of Python with very high performance, which is ultimately
> I'm also unconvinced.  Fortunately, so is the EU, so they have approved
> very substantial financing for the pypy project, which aims in good part
> exactly at probing this issue.  If any single individual can be called
> the ideator of pypy, I think it's Armin Rigo, well-known for his
> excellent psyco specializing-compiler for Python: the key research
> thesis behind both projects is that a higher-level, dynamic language
> need not have performance inferior to a lower-level one and indeed may
> well beat it.
I should be failing in my duty as Chairman if I didn't remind readers at 
this point that they can hear Armin Rigo's talk "PyPy and Type 
Inference" at PyCon at 5:30 on Wednesday March 23.

While Alex is not necessarily too modest to mention it he might forget 
that he is also giving three talks to PyCon. I believe this is the first 
year he has been able to attend PyCon, so delegates are definitely in 
for a treat this year.

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