Newbie: Pythonwin

Adonis adonisv at
Wed Jan 12 01:57:41 CET 2005

Brent W. Hughes wrote:
> 1)  I'm running a program within Pythonwin.  It's taking too long and I want 
> to stop/kill it.  What do I do (other than ctrl-alt-del)?
> 2)  I'm running a long program and I want to minimize it to let it continue 
> to run in the background while I do something else in the foreground.  I try 
> clicking on Pythonwin's minimize box but it doesn't respond until the Python 
> program finally quits  Then it minimizes!  Any way I can do what I want 
> here?
> Brent

Try running your script using (from command prompt):
\path\python.exe \path\

Alternatively go to its folder in explorer and double click it to run.

pythonwin is just a developing enviroment, and the execution of scripts 
within it is just for debugging use.

Hope this helps.


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