Frameworks for "Non-Content Oriented Web Apps"

paolo_veronelli paolo_veronelli at
Tue Jan 4 04:07:32 EST 2005

mirnazim at wrote:

>There are great Python Web Application Framework. But most of them are
>meant for content oriented web apps.
>Is there something that can ease the development of application that
>are not content oriented(I call them "NON CONTENT-ORIENTED WEB
>APPLICATIONS" because I don't know what else to call them). I mean the
>applications like, accounting,  high volume data entry apps,  where
>normally GUI clients have ruled. I know very high quality ERP and
>similar packages have been implemented in a web based environment. But
>problem is that they have been developed with the tools that were
>actually meant for content oriented apps like Zope, PHP, etc.
>But is there some sort of framework or something that is actually meant
>for such web apps,application that make heavy use of forms, have very
>high amount of user interaction etc.
>What I am asking here may sound off beat, but I think, in todays world
>where web based solutions offers such a flexibility, we really need it.
>I also know that I am to ambiguous, but as is the characteristic of
>this wonderful community, talks that start as most abigous, transform
>in crystal clear.
>PS: I am a web developer, using PHP for living. I have been playing
>with python for a while. I found python is really a cool language(do I
>need to say that ;-)) with a really, really impressive collection of
>modules and frameworks. While developing a school information system, I
>felt the need of such a framework that makes developing of "Non-Content
>Oriented Web-Apps" easy.
>I know I posted a similar message earlier, but this time I a bit more
In pytypus everything is not content is metadata( a part from some of 
the code ,which part is useful for accessing informations) ,so my 
definition will simply be metadata oriented.

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