Arich Chanachai macrocosm at
Wed Jan 5 14:54:23 CET 2005

jerry wise wrote:

>Please help me out! Your solution seems doable pretty easily, but I have very little experience in this so I need some help. At the very least respond, because I'm getting kind of desperate. Thank you so much. 
"I'm getting kind of desperate", no kidding.  Firstly, did you ask Jeff 
to help you understand the algorithm?  Secondly, did you read up on the 
PyMedia docs?  Thirdly, what do you have very little experience in 
exactly and why are you so desperate?  Is this some sort of school project?

You need to be able to answer yes to the first two questions if you want 
my and/or likely anyone else's help.  I am very busy, but if you take 
the necessary preliminary steps, and do the work, there are many /very/ 
friendly and knowledgeable people here who would likely be willing to 
help you, given that you are willing to do some work/research yourself 
and ask good questions.

Best regards,

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